The Association activities aim to:

1.  Strengthen academic, professional, and human contacts among Albanian and US institutions and individuals;
2.  Share professional, intellectual and cultural news and achievements to contribute to individual development, solidarity among AFAA members, and public prestige and understanding of the Fulbright, Humphrey, and Rob Brown Programs;
3.  Promote continuing relationships among students and scholars of Albania who have participated in international educational exchanges, such as former Fulbright, Ron Brown and Humphrey grantees and participants in other international educational and cultural activities;
4.  Provide support system for AFAA members by maintaining rosters and records of alumni, providing social engagements and facilitating communication among them, preparing Albanian Fellows for their experience in the U.S., and enhancing career opportunities upon an Albanian Fellow’s return to Albania;
5. Further the development and improvement of Albanian educational programs by utilizing the experience and professional expertise of members of our Association in responding to the challenges of new educational patterns and new areas of intellectual inquiry in Albania;
6.  Assist in recruiting, selecting, placing and orienting Albanian participants in international educational and cultural exchanges;
7.  Perform generally any services that will encourage and expand educational and cultural exchanges between Albania and the U.S.;
8.  Assist the U.S. Fellows in Albania in arranging hospitality and other services, adapting to local circumstances and making contacts in the country, including their host institutions;/li>
9.  Develop fruitful contacts with all other national Fulbright Alumni Associations, and help to promote peaceful coexistence and enhance the mosaic of multiculturalism in the region;
10.  Create a forum for sharing ideas and experiences in our diverse fields, thus strengthening the commitment of our Association in playing a significant role in programs and projects which would contribute to national development and democratic transition;
11.  Initiate discussion on national development issues with professionalism, objectivity and impartiality, the Association thus functioning as a “think tank” of creative initiatives and actions
12.  Promote and support professional development by knowledge, skills and capacity building among fellows for the benefit of our institutions and our country;
13.  Cooperate with the Embassy of the United States of America in Albania and with the Office of Public Affairs within the Embassy in carrying out our educational and cultural activities, as well as with U.S. experts in Albania working on projects in various fields.

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