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Elenita Roshi

Elenita Roshi works as the Executive Manager at the Gjirokastra Foundation (a.k.a known as the Gjirokastra Conservation and Development Organization: www.gjirokastra.org) an Albanian NGO created and funded by the Packard Humanities Institute. Before that she was the Project Development Officer at the Butrint Foundation.

She is a Humphrey Alumni, specialized in “Economic Development & Policy Analysis” at Cornell University. Prior to this, she was the Executive Director of “Rruga me Pisha” Foundation, an Albanian NGO having BBC World Service Trust as a founder.

Ms. Roshi holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from the Economic Faculty of Tirana University and later she was specialized in Marketing Management in the same Faculty. She also holds an MBA from University of Nebraska and University of Tirana.
She was a Project Management Lecturer at the Hurry Fultz Community College at Tirana: since 2007 she is an assistant professor at University of Tirana’s Economic Faculty, Tourism Branch. Her academic interests are focused in heritage management and marketing as well as social capital in Albania.

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